Written by Kathleen De Smet, Tasha Robinson, and Eva Schiffer

An Ensemble Cast Mystery is a mystery LARP system where two investigators (who do not know the solution to the mystery they’re investigating) and an ensemble (who do know the solution) work together to tell a mystery story. As the investigators move through a pre-scripted mystery scenario, the ensemble plays a variety of characters with conflicting agendas and varying knowledge. The ensemble helps the investigators uncover clues, guides them to worthwhile encounters, and enables them to solve the mystery.

Death at Bancroft Manor is an Ensemble Cast Mystery scenario for 6 players (2 investigators and 4 ensemble cast). It takes place in an Irish manor in 1920, as the black sheep of a well-established Catholic family returns home for a sibling’s funeral and discovers a series of dire family secrets. This scenario takes about 3 to 4 hours.

Note: Death at Bancroft Manor is roughly based on the characters from the larp Peace, Land, and Bread! There are some changes, so don’t assume the secrets here are the same as in that game. This game is set approximately three years after the events of Peace, Land, and Bread!, after the war’s end.

Content Warnings for Death at Bancroft Manor: Death, which may include murder, neglect, suicide, misadventure, and illness